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John Mayer Daily
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Following in the footsteps of communities such as ewan_daily - the original _daily community - John Mayer Daily was created. It's where fans can get their daily Mayer fix.

To be able to post in the community, you will have to join it first.

Have fun! :)

the easy to follow rules. just like all the other _daily's

All _daily communities pretty much have the same rules so if you already belong to a different one, you already know these.

UNO. This is a picture-only community. What does this mean, you ask? Well, every time you post an entry in the community, you must include a picture of the ever so lovely Mr. Mayer. Oh yeah, icons and that sort don't count.

Feel free to share news, appearances and other John related things. You can even advertise your community. I don't mind - as long as you include a picture in your entry!

DOS. Please keep pictures 500 pixels wide or under. If you're posting more than one picture or if the picture you're posting is huge (wider than 500 pixels) please use the lj-cut tags. Don't know how? Go here. Not everyone has a fast internet connection. So please respect that and we'll (hopefully) have no complaints.

TRES. Do not direct link (or in other words 'hotlink' to pictures without the site owner's permission. This goes both ways. Do not direct link from a site and do not direct link from the community.

Need a good place to upload pictures? Photobucket.com is an excellent site. Best of all, it's free!

Also, picture sources would be lovely. Please credit the pictures if you know where they came from. :)

QUATTRO. Actually, there isn't a fourth rule. Just follow these and you should be fine. Don't follow them and the mod will politely leave a comment asking you to fix it. If you don't, it will be deleted.

all the other stuff

Moderator: chromaticanvas
Co-moderators: queenyzma, anniesaysrelax

We have reached 100 members! And to celebrate, here's a banner serpent_eyes has made for the occasion. :)

jmgraphics [FO banners, headers, wallpapers & more!]
mraz_daily [for your daily dose of Jason Mraz]
rightclicksing [daily musician picture fix. don't be afraid to lick!]

E-mail me (but remove the NOSPAM first) if you'd like to be one. :)

Other Dailies
ewan_daily [where I snatched this idea from]

Want to exchange links? Just ask.

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