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anyone see john's new doodlebop blog? he's amazing
i actually saw that episode to the other night while i was babysitting. bahahahha

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I just got into my hotel room and started flipping through the channels when I became transfixed by this television show. It's about a young power trio struggling to make it in the crazy world of show business. I really related to that right off that bat, but what took a bit longer to sink in was that these guys (and girl!) actually have some pretty cool songs, if you're 4. And no, that's not a put-down. The song "Hold Your Horses" has a better melodic structure than most tunes on the radio these days, and "Get On The Bus", a thinly-veiled homage to racial segregation in the '50s, is a tune that, while seemingly condoning taking rides with strangers, is really more about just getting on a bus and then going somewhere.

The episode I saw, entitled "Hold Your Horses", is a refereshingly honest portrayal of band dynamics. Moe, the drummer, is less than subtle in letting it be known that he is upset that his solo was cut off at the pass by Dee Dee's guitar run. The conversation ends there, but expect to see raw feelings resurface again in a future episode revolving around the tumultuous task of splitting songwriting credits for "Horses".

I hope when I have kids some day that the Doodlebops are still around, even though history has shown that trios don't stay together for long. I wouldn't mind my kid's first exposure to music having some harmonic and rhythmic substance. Someone behind this show knows a lot about music, and very little about how to keep kids from having nightmares later in life.

The Doodlebops make me want to be a daddy. Right now.

(Attention journalists: I will not be answering any questions about this blog, so google harder.)
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Date:September 18th, 2006 04:29 pm (UTC)
"Someone behind this show knows a lot about music, and very little about how to keep kids from having nightmares later in life."

I sure would have nightmares of the Doodlebops, they remid me of clowns and I HATE CLOWNS!! hahah

John never fails to crack me up!
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